the red devils free fall team

Parachute display demonstration formats used by The Red Devils, which have now somewhat changed, these formats were used from the 1960's through to the early 1980's. Parachute demonstrations given by The Red Devils are visually exciting to young and old alike. From a height of 2,500 feet and upwards The Red Devils will exit the aircraft, rapidly accelerate to speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour, and weave intricate patterns in the air illustrating to the spectators below the often difficult and complex aerial manoevures they perform. There are many variables which can influence the type of show, but given good weather conditions and air lane control from the local air traffic, spectators can be assured of an exciting and colorful performance. It may on occasions, because of high winds or low cloud, be necessary to cancel a scheduled show, but every effort is made by the Team to carry out a modified programme in these circumstances.

There were three different types of demo formats, the Baton pass, the Cutaway jump and the Team jump. These were performed from 8,000 feet and above (High Show), (Medium show) would be from the height of around 3,500 feet and up to 8,000 feet and the (low show) 2,500 feet - 3,500 feet. The Low show was and is still used for low cloud base and Air Traffic Control restrictions (Central London) usually.

The Baton Pass

red devils free fall team

The Red Devils exit the aircraft at 10,000 feet

Passing The Baton while falling at speeds in excess of 120 miles per hour, trailing colorful smoke from cannisters attached to their ankles which makes the jumpers more visible from the ground.

red devils free fall team

Then separating at around 3,500 feet to find their own clear air space to open their parachutes at about 2,500 feet this would give the parachutist's enough height and time to deal with any problems.

red devils free fall team

Once the parachutist's have opened their canopies they will steer and guide their parachutes so that they can make a safe landing in the display arena

red devils free fall team, irvin delta II parawing

After landing the jump team will line up and present the batton

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